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InsureBrands Products

Our Products

At present we can offer you the following products:

  • Private Car Insurance (Standard and Telematics Based)
  • Home Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

InsureBrands insurance schemes run on the DoySys Evolve platform which is a purpose built online platform that provides front end quote engines for your customers and a backend for policy processing and administration. The DotSys system is a modular based system that can be tailored to your brand. The frontend of the system and all correspondence will reflect your brand.

  • Front End
  • Configurable quote engines
  • All quote engines are designed to work on mobile devices
  • Online customer account so customers can self-service their policies
  • Views claims details
  • Emails sent to customers
  • Text messages
  • Back End
  • Create and retrieve client details
  • Perform all usual policy administration functions
  • Complete audit trail
  • User authorisation level
  • Diary system for letter, memo, text message
  • Automated workflow
  • Transactional system with integated card processing, 3rd party financing
  • Complaints modules
  • Real-time accounting and settlement history

All InsureBrands schemes in terms of call handling and policy administration are managed by Fusion Outsourced Solutions Ltd(FOS). FOS can provide the following range of services.

  • Front End
  • Customer Contact Centre
  • Call Handling in and outbound
  • Online Chat
  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Back End
  • Policy Administration
  • Checking Documents
  • Letter Printing and Postage
  • Chasing Documents
  • Scanning Documents

  • Technology
  • Phone System - FOS uses a state of the art Avaya telephone system. All calls will be answered in the name of your brand. The system can be designed how you want it in terms of call routing and how you wish to handle calls. Most of the current brands do not take any incoming calls but instead allows the customers to enter their number onto the phone system to request a callback.
  • Online Chat - DotSys uses its own “in house” online chat programme that seamlessly integrates into the evolve platform. The programme allows users to route chats to different departments or add to the outbound call list if the customer requires a call. All messages to the chat programme are stored within the customers’ record.
  • Emails - The DotSys system uses an “in house” designed i-message system. As per the online chat all messages are stored within the clients record making it easier and quicker for our customer service agents to handle customer enquires.

InsureBrands is a heavily regulated product and InsureBrands in conjunction with MCL Insurance Services Ltd will look after the compliance function amongst other functions.

  • Compliance
  • Insurer Relations - MCL will be responsible relationship with the respective insurers and paying their accounts.
  • Card Payments - All Card Payments will be made to MCL Insurance Service and they will manage the relationship with the Card Companies.
  • Direct Debits - MCL will setup and manage the direct debit schemes for each brand.
  • Training - MCL will be responsible for making sure that all advisors are trained to the required standard required by the regulator. This will involve designing training programmes and continuous development.
  • Audit - MCL will Audit each brand to make sure that they are complying with the regulator requirements.
  • Performance Monitoring - MCL will provide each brand with their respective stats on the performance of the account in terms of sales figures etc.
  • Market Research - MCL will provide each brand with market research on competitor pricing and other changes in the market.
  • Accounts - MCL will pay all insurer accounts.
  • Recruitment - MCL will be responsible for the recruitment into each brand or appointed representative. This will include training and managing all personnel matters.

InsureBrands Insurebrands can also work with any perspective client to develop marketing opportunities that arise from retailing insurance. This will include

  • Marketing
  • Insurance Database - Your client details can be used to cross sell your regular products.
  • Website Branding - The Website will be branded with your brand and there any many opportunities within the customer journey and experience to market other products and services.
  • Letters - Correspondence from you can include leaflets about other products and services you offer.
  • Emails - Email campaigns to offer your other products and/or service.
  • Text Messages - As Above.
  • Telephone System - The Telephone System holding message can be tailored to include your details of other products and services